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Spring/Summer 2022

man replacing shingles on chapel roof

Fall/ Winter 2022

Twlight at Boehm's chapel

Spring/Summer 2021

Bride and Groom

Fall/Winter 2021

Three men making apple butter

Spring/Summer 2020

Kettle of Apple Butter

Fall/ Winter 2020

Wedding at Boehm's Chapel

Spring/Summer 2019

Home of Henry Boehm

Fall/Winter 2019

Gravestone and American Flag

Spring/Summer 2018

Hot air balloon landing

Fall/ Winter 2018

Tying Shed Sign

Spring/Summer 2017

People at Apple Butter Festival

Fall/Winter 2017

Digging into Land

Spring 2016

Boehm's Chapel 1879

Summer 2016

Mennonite Bishop reading the proclamation lifting the ban on Martin Boehm

Fall 2016

Tying Shed

Winter 2016

Hans Herr House

Spring 2015

Hess Boehm Cemetery

Summer 2015

Little girl launching an apple

Fall 2015

Land surveying

Winter 2015

Floor plan of Auxiliary Building

Spring 2014

Painting of Susanna Wesley and children

Summer 2014

German Gravestone

Fall 2014

property layout

Winter 2014

Six men outside Boehm's church

Spring 2013

Memorial at Gettysburg

Summer 2013

Man on Horse

Fall 2013

Apple butter in a copper pot

Winter 2013

Rev. Dr. J Gary Campbell

Spring 2012

Don Walters dressed as Henry Boehm

Summer 2012

Children playing at the apple festival

Fall 2012

Historic reenactment

Winter 2012

Tree planted in 1991

Spring 2011

Boehm's Chapel sunrise on Easter

Summer 2011

Tents set up for the apple festival

Fall 2011

Advent Vesper Service of Lessons and Carols

Winter 2011

Campers and their tents at Rawlinsville Camp Meeting

Spring 2010

Strawbridge Homestead

Summer 2010

Boehms Chapel

Fall 2010

Byerland Mennonite Meeting House

Winter 2010

Boehm's descendants

Fall 2009

Loverly Lane Museum

Winter 2009