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The Chapel Roof is on Borrowed Time

Boehm’s Chapel has stood on the hill overlooking the Boehm homestead since 1791. It has weathered more than two centuries of everything nature could throw at it – rain, snow, hail, sun and wind. The wind especially always seems to whistle around the Chapel and blow through the oak trees in the cemetery.

For the board of the Boehm’s Chapel Society, that means making some costly but necessary repairs.

During the spring and summer last year (2022), workers were busy painting the wood on the exterior of the Chapel, sealing its stones and replacing bundles of shingles that have rotted or blown off the roof. Two rotted outside sills were repaired before painting.

This year we will need to stain the Tying Shed to keep it looking beautiful and weather-resistant.

But there is bad news about the roof which is covered with cedar shakes.

Condition of the Chapel Roof

man replacing shingles on chapel roof

The roof was replaced during the reconstruction of the Chapel before its rededication in 1991. The roof was expected to last 50 years, but unfortunately that won’t happen.

A roof replacement will be needed in the next few years, maybe sooner. Plans to raise funds for that task have started.

Raising the money to replace the roof will take a great effort and plenty of prayer. The recent fixes on the roof cost the Society more than $6,000.

It makes little sense to continue to patch the roof when a replacement is needed. 

A new roof will cost about $60,000 at today’s prices. Roofing prices have jumped since the pandemic and inflation has only added to the costs.

A square for a new roof will cost about $3,000. A square covers 100 square feet of roof. If you so choose, you can split that by donating for a half square, a quarter square, or any amount that we can put toward a replacement roof.

If you decide to make a donation to the chapel roof restoration project, a donation of $500 or more gets you a life membership with the Society.

To say the least, we appreciate all that so many of you have donated over the years to carry on the ministry of the Chapel.

Support Boehm's Chapel Roof Restoration

Make a donation towards our roof restoration efforts so that more people, like you, can experience the historic beauty of Boehm’s Chapel. Thank you for your support!