ExtraGive November 17, 2023

Save the date of Friday, Nov. 17 for ExtraGive and be part of Lancaster County’s community wide celebration of giving!

For 24 hours join thousands of people across the community to support more than 400 community organization in our region. Donors will be able to donate at the ExtraGive’s website (extragive.org) that day from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. There is a minimum donation of $10 per organization. Stretch pool funds will be awarded to individual organizations according to the number of individual donors.
This is the fifth year that the Boehm’s Chapel Society is participating in the program. In the prior four years we have raised $11,657. In 2021 and 2022 we received an additional $4,900 from donors who sent us checks during November and December in response to the ExtraGive campaign.

In 2023, we have continued to bring back programs such as Heritage Sunday and the annual Advent service, as well as tours for confirmation classes, church groups and historical societies. Stay tuned to website which is now updated monthly so you can see what we are doing.

Our biggest Chapel maintenance challenge is the need to replace the Chapel’s roof. The Chapel has been on the hill overlooking the Boehm homestead since 1791. This location has weathered rain, snow hail, sun and wind. Anyone who has spent time at the Chapel knows how the wind always seems to whistle around the building and through the oak trees in the cemetery.

In 1991 the Chapel was restored to its original 1791 appearance in time for its bicentennial celebration. Archeological investigation and written accounts yielded sufficient information to restore the Chapel.

Now after 32 years of withstanding the weather, the roof has had numerous shingles that have rotted or been blown off the roof. Repairs were made in 2022 at a cost of $6,000, but we were told then that the roof does need to be replaced.

It is estimated that to replace the cedar shake roof will cost at least $60,000. A square for a new roof will cost $3,000. A square covers 100 square feet of roof. If you so choose, you can split that cost by donating half for a square, a quarter square, or any amount that we can put toward a replacement roof. Anyone donating $500 or $1,000 will receive a life membership with the Society.

Raising funds for a new roof will require a lot of prayer and effort. We appreciate your efforts to keep the legacy of the Chapel alive!

Support Boehm's Chapel with Your ExtraGive

Make a donation on our ExtraGive page. Your donation will help support roof replacement, sponsor a Heritage Sunday program, assist with utility costs for the chapel and tying shed, or provide nursery care for our apple trees. Thank you for your support!