Welcome to Boehm's Chapel

As the local birthplace of Methodism, all are welcome here at the chapel. Our chapel is an official heritage landmark of the United Methodist Church and was part of the Second Great Awakening in the early history of the United States.

Check out the Events and Gallery pages for details and pictures of our new roof!


Join us for Heritage Sunday on June 30!

Come learn about early Methodist Circuit Riders and see the new roof and the Historic Chapel at our Heritage Sunday service on 
June 30, 2024 at 4:00!  Details on the Events page.

Heritage Landmark of the United Methodist Church

Built in 1791, Boehm’s Chapel was the first Methodist Church in Lancaster County, the oldest existing structure built for Methodist worship in Pennsylvania, and the fourth oldest in the nation.

Here At Boehm's Chapel

Boehm's Chapel Society

Built on one of the first farms in Lancaster County purchased by Swiss Mennonites, Boehm’s Chapel has stood the test of time and served as a place of refuge for faith and freedom. 

Boehm’s Chapel Society is proud to continue the legacy of the Boehm Family and preserve the history of this beautiful space. 

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Boehm’s Chapel is available for worship services, weddings, confirmation classes and seminars as well as tours.

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Interested in how you can help support Boehm’s Chapel? From historic restorations to events and weddings, we love partnering with our community.